Reporters visited Beijing illegal day tour market revealed soliciting three strokes

Beijing Tourism Distribution Center
Chang'an Avenue north of Tiananmen Square into the sidewalk, a large number of small day was thrown away a small advertising scattered. Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing summer vacation is the peak of the Beijing tourism market, especially day trips, as many foreign tourists to travel the main choice. Beijing News reporter field visit illegal day tour market, for readers to reveal the illegal day trip soliciting "tactics." Reporters saw the "Beijing Tourism Distribution Center," the ad posted on the stop sign, the above-mentioned "Beijing Tourism Distribution Center," the people arrested in the Chaoyang District, near the Workers Stadium, "Happy Village" bus station, the reporter saw the "Beijing Tourism Distribution Center" Printed "Beijing Tourism Distribution Center" LOGO, and even the Chinese font, English fonts are "Beijing Tourism Distribution Center" official online exactly the same, more "World Cultural Heritage Tour" and other tourist routes, in the line name and the "Beijing Tourism Distribution center "official website is also very similar. However, stop sign ads on the "24-hour customer service hotline" is a "150" at the beginning of the phone number, the reporter called in the past, the phone number has been off the state. Beijing travel distribution center customer service hotline staff to remind: If on the road encountered "wear Beijing bus uniform" interceptors, must not go with them, these people claim to be "Beijing tourism distribution center" staff, known to Take guests to the car point, in fact, the guests are to bring the illegal day trip to the bus, the guests get on the car will need to pay, online booking tickets in vain. How are these "Beijing public transport uniforms" interceptors are rampant? Reporters learned that every day at 5 am, these "wear uniforms" people have already started induction, they generally claim to be the bus group employees, distribution center staff, often with mobile billboards and speakers to attract tourists, and These billboards, will be directly used on the Beijing Tourism Distribution Center graphics logo. And even they will be reported to the Beijing Tourism Distribution Center customer service hotline, "83531111, which is the only hotline in Beijing tourism distribution center. Do not believe you play try! Look at is not true!" In this, in the distribution center ticket The staff sitting in the booth is also very helpless: "We certainly know that those who wear public uniforms spread the small ads of those people, many of them, this is around, but we are not law enforcement, there is no law enforcement, we are part of Beijing Public transport group of state-owned enterprises, can only use the radio, the window to increase the number of consultants to remind visitors to these people are liars.If the guests are really their flicker, they can only find business sector, tourism, or travel hotline complaints, We can not control. "2" send "" send "" big sister to help "series of illegal day trip network in addition to blatantly wear public transport uniforms for illegal day tours of the group, the reporter in Beijing, Beijing West Railway Station, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the front door, Dashilan, Bird's Nest, Water Cube area, have encountered selling fast hotel Places the "big sister to help". These elders who have behind a economic hotel, small hotel hotels, "illegal day trip" travel agencies close together, with each other "network". These hotel assignments of the "big sister", usually with a sun hat, Messenger with a small bag or a purse, and sometimes a single person fighting, sometimes 35 groups, at first glance will think they are Mandarin Too standard foreign tourists, but these people are concentrated in the tourist area of ​​the dark observation, if you find potential guests, these big sister will usually come up with a home fast hotel accommodation leaflets asked you can not stay? If you said that do not stay, they will whisper you: "to the Great Wall day trip?" Reporters in the front door encountered a big sister said she was the hotel owner assignment of the clerk, the reporter invited the Great Wall day trip The money is not handed over to her, is a day trip to the hotel reception contract. On the way to the hotel, the reporter asked her that we want to register for a day trip which travel agency operation? She replied: "Now only the distribution center is formal, those posing as national brigade, green brigade small advertising, are false! These illegal travel day travel agencies have been banned." But when She and the reporter passing the "Beijing tourism distribution center", the reporter pointed to the podium of the distribution center, said: "Do not want to sign a contract here?" She immediately pulled the reporter, whispered: "These pavilions are expensive, No concessions, you go directly with me, the price has a concession. "She brought the reporter to the front door food street 39," Beijing front door Tianshun hotel ", saw two no outward windows, dark and humid, emitting a musty Children's room, the reporter said he did not want to stay here, just want to register day trip. She said, "you want to live a little hotel, I can take you.Whether living in the vicinity of which hotel, you can send a car tomorrow morning at the hotel door to pick you up, and then send you to the day trip to the bus Car point. "In another" red dayue hotel ", where the staff explained that guests who live 100 yuan per night room day trip to the day, will be forced to shop, live more than 200 yuan room guests are not meeting. Although all the guests are in a bus, but the guests signed the list of "send", "delivery" of the points, those who come outside the big sister to bring the guests are "outgoing" directly in the hotel front desk Registration of the guests is "inside", in the list will be written clearly. When the reporter once again asked, are in the same car, how can not be forced to avoid shopping, she said: "No matter how difficult the talk guide, then you can not hear it." 3 mobile phone sweep two-dimensional code is also informal travel agency In the front door of the street 43, "Beijing Youth Holiday International Travel Service" store, placed advertising page impressively printed "Central Committee directly under the travel agency" words, more "business license" number printed on paper, The staff pointed to the business license on the wall, said: "Trade and Industry Bureau issued a business license, which can have a fake?" When you see the reporter or half-doubt, the staff took the reporter phone WeChat swept their company's two-dimensional code , Said the sweep of the two-dimensional code to know that they are regular travel agency. And other reporters to see the phone, the phone screen shows a "Beijing Enterprise Credit Information Network" page, this page shows "Beijing Youth Holiday International Travel Service Co., Ltd. front door business, business scope, including domestic tourism and inbound tourism Attracting, consulting services. "Even show the enterprise" unified social credit code. " Reporters questioned why the publicity on a single day 80 yuan day tour contains the "Badaling Great Wall, the Ming Tombs, Prince Gong House, Wild Animal Park, Bird's Nest Water Cube" more than a dozen attractions? Can you go to a dozen spots every day? He admitted: "I write more richer, some do not go, there are some look at the outside." Reporters asked, I heard that many day tour is not really Badaling Great Wall, but the water off the Great Wall? The staff confidently replied: "Great Wall, you want to go to which mouth can go. Great Wall is not fake! You have heard of the Great Wall is false? This is not the same mouth!" In some attractions also Illegal day trips can be found everywhere. Beijing News reporter Yin Yafei photo (on the D02 version) expert point of view only rely on the distribution center simply can not and "guerrillas" combat ● Han Yu Ling, Professor North two outside, "Tourism Law" drafting expert group experts on several departments of Beijing Day tour market to rectify, but also to combat the black guide, black car, but why they always exist? It is worth thinking about it. Beijing is being revised, "Beijing Local Tourism Ordinance" is also very concerned about this issue, has been on the official website for comments. From my personal point of view, I think that as a government, it attaches great importance to this problem, but also continue to attach importance to, but also to fundamentally consider the problem. Now our distribution center is very limited, only a few points in the fixed on the car, but the illegal day trip "guerrillas", the guests were "intercepted", but as a government department is not more obliged through a variety of effective The way and easy access to the platform to tell more tourists how to identify the "regular army" and "cheating day trip"? If more tourists realize that Beijing regular army to do the day tour line is very good, safe transportation, the price is very appropriate, I believe that most of them are willing to pay. Second, we have to build a city card from the perspective of the problem, the Government to think, just rely on distribution center, is there no way to fight guerrillas? Facts have proved that this is true. Which need to mobilize the major tourism enterprises to participate in the enthusiasm of day-to-day product development in the market, do illegal travel agency day trip, but also know to use a large professional travel agency to do bait, such as posing as "CITS", " "These sounds the most authoritative, most cattle travel agency, which lure guests. Because the guests want to get professional services, so it will listen to these tall travel agencies more convincing. But now large enterprises are not enthusiastic. For example, CTS has mentioned that she wants to do a "sightseeing bus" and that the bus is empty, which requires the government to encourage CTS, such as giving some policy benefits, mobilizing its enthusiasm and creating a favorable external environment. Finally, I think we should also specifically encourage enterprises to bear the corresponding social responsibility, as the capital of large tourism enterprises, tourism market should be a little contribution to the health, to consider the economic interests should be, but if we all work together to build a good market Order is also beneficial to oneself. Every year more than 90% of visitors to Beijing are FIT, they need rich, safe, quality "short" to solve travel problems, which is still a big market. Tips ● Beijing Tourism Distribution Center: Location in Beijing Zhengyang Gate Arrow Tower southwest corner, near the Metro Line 2 C exit, the only consultation is: 010-83531111. Regular "day trip" to the Great Wall price is 210 yuan, including round-trip costs, etc., halfway will not increase the price and forced tourists shopping. Before departure, and visitors will sign a formal contract, a distribution center to stay, visitors take a copy. In addition, you can go to Beijing Tourism Distribution Center official website registration, online registration price is more favorable. "Beijing tourism distribution center" customer service hotline staff, online booking line can have 20 yuan discount, online booking will get a "verification code", the next morning by virtue of this "verification code" in Beijing Travel distribution center ticket booth for tickets, in the ticket place on the train. ● Open Ctrip and other OTA platform pages or APP, click on a special day of the palace, you can also buy a variety of Beijing day tour products. (Currently Ctrip, donkey mother and other OTA day tour more routes) ● in the CYTS travel network, the official website of China Travel Service official website can buy the characteristics of the suburbs of Beijing suburbs day tour products. ● WeChat public search "in the Branch of Science and Culture Communication Development Center" can be concerned about the purchase of science and tourism travel science and education routes.

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