Gangs steal millions of factory site cable: stripped light bundled security into the Ming grab

The task force initially found that more than 100 cases of theft of the site and the criminal gang there is a significant correlation
Over the past year, the city's theft of site cases frequently, Haidian Public Security Bureau has cracked a large stealing workers to the cable gang, arrested 12 members of the gang, has verified 23 cases, involving stolen cable worth more than 170 million. At present, 12 suspects have been detained by the Haidian Branch, the case is still under further investigation. On the morning of July, he found that 151 meters of construction cable on the Oak River Bay site was stolen and lost about $ 170,000. After receiving the alarm, the Haidian Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Detachment immediately set up a task force. By viewing the surveillance image, the task force locked three vehicles. August 14, the northwest of the town once again took place theft of the site, 960 meters cable was stolen, the loss of about 30 million. In addition, the task force also found that the Qinghe Oak Bay site on April 19 this year, a similar theft of cable cases, 323 meters cable theft, the loss of about 29 million. Through the analysis of the video, the panel found that the Qinghe Oak Bay site two cases and the northwest site of a case of the scene were monitored in the same license plate number of the white SUV sedan. Accordingly, the ad hoc group that the three cases are the same criminal gangs, then decided to investigate the case again. At the same time, by investigating cases of stolen sites in various districts of the city since 2015, the task force has found that there are more than 100 cases of stealing sites that are related to the criminal gangs, involving Haidian, Chaoyang, Fengtai, Changping, Daxing, Tongzhou, Yanqing and Shunyi 8 more than 50 sites. Investigating the strapping bundle of security into the construction site to grab the Oak Bay site, said Mr. Dong, due to the site had been theft cases, to strengthen the guard, specially asked the security 24 hours care. The site surveillance video shows that the July 18 incident that night, several young men into the site, went straight to the site where the cable storage, and use their own tools to carry out cutting. And the night on duty at the site after hearing the news, the inspection found the situation, and raised a flashlight loudly scolded. Who knows, these people not only did not escape, see the security guards only one person, simply put it around, and the security of the clothes stripped, carried to the duty room bundled. The rest of the people continue to carry out unbridled theft. Through the investigation, the police initially mastered a Sichuan workers by the composition of the large theft of the site of criminal gangs. Arrested 12 members of the gang was criminal detention gang is a group of four people led by a loose group, before committing the crime, several core staff in advance check out the location, selected crime sites, the recruiting around the fellow to help participate in the crime. After stealing the cable, the stolen goods will soon be sold to a group of Henan gangsters, according to 1 kg 14 dollars price to sell. August 25, Haidian Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Detachment in the Municipal Bureau of Criminal Investigation, plainclothes, security and other corps units to assist the organization of more than 100 police, assigned to the Haidian, Chaoyang, Tongzhou and Yanqing four districts 8 arrest points, In one fell swoop the gang of 17 involved in all personnel arrested. After the screening, to identify four of the core members, three members of the participating members and five suspects of a total of 12 suspects, on the spot to commit the crime car 5, and in the car and the gang temporary residence to obtain a large number of stolen goods The After the trial, the gang members of the main package of some people since September 2015, together with more than the frequent flow of the city area of ​​the city site to steal the site of the crime of confessed to the crime. Two suspects in the two places of the suspects on the long-term acquisition of stolen cable for the gang of the crime of confessed to the crime. At present, 12 suspects have been detained by Haidian police, has been initially verified series of theft site 23 cases, involving stolen cable value of more than 170 million, the case is under further investigation. Beijing Morning News reporter He Xin

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