Old man holding a child on the car no one letting the body screaming sleepy woman "no quality"

The old man holds the child by subway no one seat
Do not let the seat be accused? These two days, a group of elderly children holding a child accused of "no seat, no quality," the video, causing friends hot. Modern Express reporter contact posted on Mr. Zhang. According to him, things happened in the morning of July 9, in Nanjing Metro Line 1, an old man with a child, see no one to give him a seat, began to blame next to a woman, for which the two quarreled The Modern Express / ZAKER Nanjing reporter Liu Jingyan video: the old man scolded the woman no quality the day before yesterday morning, Mr. Zhang take the subway line 1 to Xinjie mouth to take things. 7 o'clock, the subway line to the Xiaolong Bay Station, came up a look of five or sixty years old, with a four-year-old child, next to a young man wearing a red dress. At that time the car was filled with people, to see no one seat, the elderly began to blame next to a woman. Mr. Zhang recalled that the woman was sitting in the seat, head down, as if dozing off. The face of sudden abuse, the woman looked at a loss, had a good time before react, want to split a few words for their own, but unexpectedly beat the old man but also continue to accuse the woman "no quality." So, the two quarreled. "He did not ask people can not let a bit, just curse people." Mr. Zhang told the modern Express reporter, the elderly next to wear red clothes, the young man is his son. The face of the dispute between the elderly and the woman, the man did not say a word Dispute, the scolded woman and her neighbor a white man stood up, the old man so "won" the seat. Modern Express reporter from Mr. Zhang to provide the video to see the old man holding the child sitting in the seat, continue to quarrel with the woman. Later, in the other passengers to persuade, the two people calm down. Mr. Zhang recalled that the subway line to the Chinese gate station, the elderly and another woman between the neighbors, the same dramatic contradictions occurred. After the woman stopped, sitting next to the old man's space, the old man's arms naughty move, feet accidentally kicked the woman, the woman let the elderly restraint children, the old man accused the woman "can not bear to not take the subway." Hot: no seat on the accused? "Please give the old sick and sick to let a seat." This is everyone take the subway, the most often heard a reminder. "Seat" has become a recognized virtue, but not the seat is no quality? Elderly people hold the subway no one seat, you can casually accuse people who have seats? Coincidentally, these two days, another similar video is also crazy on the Internet, things happen in Beijing on the subway, the old man called a young man seat, and said "to the elderly seat is the law", the final, the young man to the seat out The. This group of pictures and video heat transfer, friends talking about. Most users believe that the elderly should not force the woman seat, accused the woman "no quality", it is unreasonable. "Let the seat is not voluntary, since it is not written into the law, it belongs to the moral level, can not go to force others." "Maybe not seat people because of physical discomfort or any special circumstances. In any case, we should be kind Communication, rather than quarrel. "The Nanjing subway on the video of Mr. Zhang also think that the practice of the elderly is defective. "If the old man calmly asked whether there is no one to let a seat, I believe that most people will be present in the seat." Mr. Zhang told reporters on the modern Express. In the vote on the network, about two-thirds of the users that "seat is a moral proposal, so that is not free," 1.5% of users said: "support seat, but was asked to seat really injustice." There are 17% of the users support: "office workers are also very hard, you can not." Metro staff related to remind people, when more people want to understand each other, civilized ride.

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